Layer Window

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Layer Window
Layer Window

The Layer Window lets you manage the layers.

Blending Mode

Blending ModeThe Blending Mode controls how pixels in the image are affected by a painting or editing tool. Choose from the Mode pop-up menu.

Blending Mode
  • A.Normal
  • B.Multiply
  • C.Screen
  • D.Overlay

The default blending mode in a newly created layer is Normal. Changing the blending mode affects on the appearance of the image. Try these many blending modes to see the difference.

  • Protect AlphaProtect AlphaProtect Layer Mask info and prevent from drawing on the transparent area.
  • Create Clipping MaskCreate Clipping MaskClip the current layer with the underneath layer (= base layer).
  • Lock LayerLock LayerLock the selected layer to prevent from editing.
Layer Window

OpacityChange the layer opacity.

  • New LayerNew Layer
  • Layer MaskLayer Mask
  • New FolderNew Folder
  • DeleteDelete



Show the thumbnail, layer name, opacity, and blending mode. The active (= selected) layer is highlighted in blue.

  • Layer DisplayLayer DisplayLayer is visible when the icon is visible. Layer is invisible when the icon is invisible. Switch the layer display status by clicking on the icon.
  • Layer LinkLayer LinkThe brush icon indicates the active layer, and the chain icon indicates the layers are linked. Switch the layer link status by clicking on the icon.
  • Layer MaskLayer MaskShow the Layer Mask Preview and link status.
  • Outside Layer Display AreaOutside Layer Display AreaThis icon appears when there is an image outside the displayed area.
  • Layer PropertyLayer PropertyThe wheel icon indicates the active layer. Layer Property appears by click.
Layer Property Window